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Trump Wins, Haley Out

Haley risked her political career on this and failed tremendously.

The Missouri Republican caucuses have yielded another triumph for Donald Trump, according to projections from the Associated Press, marking yet another victory for the former president over his contender, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

The announcement came early Saturday afternoon, as Trump clinched the race with a sizable lead, building on his previous successes in preceding contests. Despite Haley’s determination to persevere after her defeat in her home state of South Carolina, she pledged to stay in the race at least until Super Tuesday on March 5, when voters across 15 states will cast their ballots in the presidential primaries.

Although Trump’s victory in Missouri appears decisive, the state’s allocation of delegates follows a complex “caucus-convention system” spanning several months, commencing with the caucuses held on Saturday. Under this system, Missouri grants 51 out of its 54 delegates through this intricate process.

This system outlines that 11 delegates are allocated at the state level, while an additional five are distributed from each of Missouri’s eight congressional districts. The remaining three delegates include the chairman of the Missouri Republican Party, along with its national committeeman and committeewoman, who reserve the right to support any candidate irrespective of caucus outcomes.

Delegates are awarded based on the outcome at individual caucus sites, with a candidate securing over 50% of the vote claiming all delegates from that site. Otherwise, delegates are distributed proportionately among candidates who fail to meet the threshold.

Meanwhile, Democrats in Missouri are gearing up for their primary on March 23, setting the stage for their own electoral process in the state.