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Trump Loses 2024 Lead?

Kayleigh McEnany, who served as the White House press secretary in the past, has made a forecast that the dominance of former President Trump over his competitors for the Republican Party’s nomination may dwindle after the entrance of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis into the race.

During an interview on “America 180 with David Brody” on Friday, McEnany expressed her anticipation that the primary debates among the candidates will shape the Republican nomination process. However, she acknowledged that the precise manner in which the primaries will unfold remains uncertain.

According to McEnany, DeSantis has accomplished a remarkable job as the governor of Florida and possesses numerous achievements to showcase during the primary debates.

McEnany pointed out that although current polls indicate a substantial lead for President Trump, she believes that the lead will narrow significantly once Governor DeSantis announces his candidacy. She emphasized that DeSantis has yet to announce his bid for the nomination.

McEnany’s remarks coincide with the likelihood of DeSantis announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential election. Recently, DeSantis hinted at his impending decision during a press conference held on Friday to conclude Florida’s legislative session. He stated that he will make a decision about “what happens in the future” shortly.

Although reports have suggested that DeSantis planned to commence his presidential campaign either this month or the next, he has refuted such claims, deeming them inaccurate.

DeSantis has not explicitly or publicly confirmed that he is contemplating a run for the presidency, but there has been widespread speculation that he may be a potential candidate. DeSantis has consistently secured the second position in hypothetical Republican primary polls, but Trump has maintained a considerable double-digit lead.