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Trump Apologizes To CNN

In a direct criticism aimed at CNN, ex-President Donald Trump expressed remorse to Chris Licht, the former CEO of CNN who was removed from his position. Trump had previously commended Licht for his role in hosting the town hall event for the GOP presidential candidates on the predominantly liberal network.

According to Newsmax, During his speech at the North Carolina GOP convention on Saturday night, which was broadcasted live on Newsmax, former President Donald Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with the outcome, stating, “Everything was beautiful, and they got tremendous numbers, and they fired him.”

“He’s gone now. Mr. Licht, sorry about that. I’d like to apologize to Mr. Licht,” Trump added.

Chris Licht faced a loss of support from the employees at CNN after his decision to host a town hall with former President Donald Trump, as he seemed to have lost favor among the staff.

Trump then doubled down on the town hall and said, “Did you see the town hall with CNN? They got one of the highest ratings they’ve had in like 11 years, and they end up firing the guy because it was Trump.”

“Instead, they should celebrate: ‘We had the highest ratings.’ You’re supposed to get paid for high ratings,” he added.

Trump then said, “But they had one of the highest ratings they’ve had in many, many years. I was on where the young woman, who I said was nasty. She was a very nasty woman.”

Former President Donald Trump was specifically referring to Kaitlan Collins, the CNN correspondent who served as the moderator during the recent CNN town hall event. Trump’s remarks were made in connection to Collins, who assumed the role under the leadership of Chris Licht when he was still the head of the network.

During his remarks, Donald Trump expressed that the town hall event went smoothly and garnered positive results. He further mentioned that there were individuals within CNN who voiced their opposition, stating phrases like “He owns you; he owns you; get him off.” Trump also mentioned liberal Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York, claiming that she was vocal in her criticism, shouting, “He owns you! Get him off the air! Stop it! Stop it!”

According to Trump, instead of being fired, Chris Licht should have received a raise for his contributions. Trump expressed his belief that Licht deserved recognition and an increase in compensation for his efforts.

“You think if they had high ratings, that would be big. He should ask for an increase. And instead, they fired him, because I was allowed to put across [different view points],” Trump explained.