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Trump’s Joke Turns Liberals Rabid

Democrats hate it when Black Americans and Republicans get along.

Leaders within the Black community are strongly denouncing recent remarks made by former President Trump, labeling them as “racist” and expressing outrage over his attempts to court Black voters by referencing his legal troubles.

Addressing attendees at the Black Republican Federation yearly gala in South Carolina, Trump made light of his legal issues, suggesting that Black voters sympathize with him due to their own experiences of discrimination. He even went as far as to claim that African Americans have “embraced” his mugshot and cited their involvement in constructing his buildings as evidence of his connection to the community.

These comments elicited swift condemnation from organizations like the NAACP, with its president asserting that Trump’s criminal behavior is not a quality that Black voters find attractive. A founder of the Black Male Voter Project, echoed this sentiment, labeling Trump’s remarks as “absolutely racist” and emphasizing that Black men are not blind to his true character.

Despite facing numerous legal challenges, Trump has been actively seeking to sway Black voters away from President Biden, whom he accuses of racism. His efforts include considering Black lawmakers such as Sen. Tim Scott and Rep. Byron Donalds as potential running mates, although some in the Black community view this support with skepticism given Trump’s history of racial insensitivity.

The Democratic National Committee also criticized Trump’s remarks, describing them as “tired tropes” that fail to resonate with Black voters who have endured hardships under his leadership. Meanwhile, the Biden-Harris campaign fired back, labeling Trump as “an incompetent, anti-Black tyrant” and highlighting his track record of racially charged statements and policies.

As the political landscape intensifies ahead of the upcoming election, Black Americans remain vigilant in their assessment of political candidates and are determined to hold them accountable for their actions and rhetoric. Despite Trump’s attempts to court Black voters, many within the community see through his tactics and remain committed to supporting candidates who genuinely address their concerns and champion their interests.