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McCarthy Issues Warning To DeSantis

This week, Kevin McCarthy, who serves as the House Speaker and represents California’s Republican Party, expressed that he believes Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should attempt to negotiate with Disney rather than engage in a legal battle against the corporation.

Disney has taken legal action against Governor Ron DeSantis by filing a lawsuit that claims the state government has been retaliating against the corporation through targeted campaigns. The lawsuit stems from a public statement released by Disney that was critical of legislation supported by the governor.

In transcript provided by Newsmax, McCarthy stated, “Why wouldn’t you sit down and negotiate and talk? If there’s differences, you can always find ways that you can solve this problem. If you think that the only action is to go to court, I believe that’s wrong.”

McCarthy added that Disney “is a big employer inside Florida. I think the governor should sit down with them. I don’t think the idea of building a prison next to a place that you bring your family is the best idea. I think it’d be much better if you sat down and solved the problems.”

Kevin McCarthy also made critical comments towards Disney, suggesting that companies should not involve themselves in politics.

McCarthy added, “If you’re going to be a large employer inside this state, you should also abide by the rules and run your business and don’t think you should get into politics.”

Later on, the Republican from California clarified his earlier statement, emphasizing that while companies have the freedom to take a position on political issues, their main responsibility is to their shareholders and running their business effectively.