Was Biden Involved In A $5 Million Bribery Scheme?

Hillary Clinton Trolls Trump

Hillary Clinton is responding to the federal indictment of former President Trump by promoting her own “But Her Emails” merchandise.

According to The Hill, shortly after former President Trump’s announcement that he had been indicted for mishandling classified documents, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee in 2016, took to social media to promote her humorous merchandise related to the infamous “But Her Emails” controversy. This occurred on Friday, just hours after Trump made his statement.

Addressing her expansive Twitter following of over 31 million, Hillary Clinton remarked, “Bringing this back in light of recent news.”

“Get a limited-edition But Her Emails hat and support @onwardtogther groups working to strengthen our democracy,” she went on to say.

The sales page of Onward Together describes the “But Her Emails” caps as “unstructured dad hats” made in the United States, priced at $32.

During her presidential campaign against Trump in 2016, Hillary Clinton came under scrutiny for her use of a personal email server while serving as the secretary of State. This practice became a significant political issue, attracting widespread attention and criticism.

Hillary Clinton’s emails, as the former first lady, were subjected to multiple investigations, including one conducted by the FBI. However, the FBI ultimately decided to let her off the hook and not press charges against her for alleged violations of federal records-keeping requirements or other criminal offenses.


It’s immature and inappropriate for Hillary Clinton to engage in mocking or promoting merchandise related to former President Trump, especially at a time when the Department of Justice is actively pursuing legal action against him.