Should Biden Face Bribery Charges?

Trump Facing How Many Years In Jail?

According to CNN anchor Chris Wallace, he expressed the possibility that former President Trump could face a life sentence if found guilty on any of the charges related to his handling of classified documents in federal court.

In transcript provided by The Hill, Wallace explained, “Well, look, you’d have to be crazy not to be worried.”

 Wallace added, “It’s, almost everyone, Republican and Democrat who has any kind of independence has said it’s a very strong indictment. Now, an indictment is not proof. And a lot of people who were indicted end up being found not guilty, but there’s every reason for him to worry.”

In addition, Wallace noted that considering Trump’s age of 77, the prospect of a jail term could essentially translate to a life sentence if it were to occur.

The former president, despite pleading not guilty, has criticized his indictment as a politically motivated persecution. He has also accused President Biden of utilizing the Justice Department as a means to remove him from the political scene, particularly at a time when numerous polls indicate he is the favored candidate to secure the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election.

During an interview with CNN colleague Abby Phillip, Chris Wallace was prompted to respond to remarks made by Trump’s former White House chief of staff, John Kelly. Kelly had insinuated that Trump was deeply concerned about the charges he is currently confronting.