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Trump’s 2024 V.P. Revealed

According to The Daily Caller’s anonymous sources with close ties to Donald Trump, the former President may contemplate choosing a candidate like Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) as his running mate for the 2024 presidential race. However, this statement has not been independently confirmed.

As per The Daily Caller’s sources, Donald Trump has not yet created a list of potential running mates and there haven’t been any significant discussions regarding the available options.

One of the anonymous sources close to Donald Trump reportedly stated that it’s generally assumed that someone like Elise Stefanik or another female candidate would be considered for the running mate position, especially due to increased concerns over abortion policy.

“It’s always seemed to me that it will be a woman,” the unnamed source explained.

Another unnamed source stated that loyalty to Donald Trump is expected to be the essential characteristic for anyone who wishes to be considered for the Vice President position. According to this source, disloyalty in the White House caused a negative impact on President Trump and the movement.

On April 4th, during a time when Donald Trump was facing the first criminal charges against a former president in US history, Elise Stefanik displayed her loyalty by tweeting “I stand with President Trump”.

It’s worth noting that Elise Stefanik wasn’t always an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump. However, over the course of her time in office, she increasingly aligned herself with Trump and his policies. Last year, she even declared herself “proud” to be “ultra MAGA”.

According to two anonymous sources who have close ties to Donald Trump, The New York Times reported that while the former president likes Elise Stefanik, he doesn’t trust her. The sources mentioned that Trump’s inner circle ridicules news stories about Stefanik’s likelihood of being selected as a vice presidential candidate, considering them to be deliberate attempts by her team.