Will Biden Beat Trump Again In 2024?

BREAKING: Kamala Harris Out

If Kamala Harris has hopes of one day replacing Joe Biden as the president she may need to think again because the American people just don’t want her.

Joe Lieberman, the former Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, stated on Thursday during an appearance on the “Brian Kilmeade Show” that Vice President Kamala Harris must earn the trust of the American public, which she does not have, regarding her capacity to assume the presidency.

According to Fox, Lieberman, who served as Al Gore’s running mate in 2000 and was a former Senator from Connecticut, emphasized the importance of Harris being actively engaged on the campaign trail to assure voters of her readiness to take over the presidency, particularly given concerns about the President’s age. Sadly however, every time Kamala gets on stage all she does is regurgitate verbal vomit that is nothing more than a “word salad”.

According to Joe Lieberman, it’s unlikely for President Biden to switch his running mate, despite pressure from some individuals. He believes that it’s not in Biden’s character to make such a change, and it would be difficult to do so in this case with an African-American woman, even if he could replace her with someone else.

Joe Lieberman also stated that President Trump will likely raise doubts about Vice President Harris’ ability to assume the presidency, which poses a significant challenge for her. While she had a good reputation as the Attorney General of California, and carried that into her role as Vice President, she has yet to gain the confidence of the American people, and this will be the ultimate test for her. Lieberman believes that she needs to be actively visible in the coming years to reassure voters that she is prepared to assume the presidency if needed.

Vice President Harris currently has low approval ratings, similar to President Biden, with both of them receiving approval ratings in the low 40s in most recent polls.

Since her first year in office in 2021, Vice President Harris has consistently received approval ratings in the 40s, according to various polls measuring public opinion on her performance.

The unfavorable opinions that Americans hold of both Vice President Harris and President Biden are expected to create political challenges for their re-election campaign, which is predicted to be a tough one. The potential impact of Biden’s age, as he will be 81 years old on the Election Day in 2024, adds an additional layer of complexity to the incumbent ticket’s electoral prospects.

According to a report by Axios on Wednesday, senior officials in the White House are working to improve Vice President Harris’ image and increase her approval ratings before the 2024 election. They are reportedly aware that replacing her with a different candidate would reflect poorly on President Biden’s judgment in choosing her as his running mate. Therefore, efforts are being made to boost her public profile and address any concerns that may be contributing to her low approval ratings.