Biden Blames America's Border Problems On Congress, Is He Right?

U.S. Issues Crucial Warning To Americans

In a shocking turn of events, the U.S. State Department has just warned all U.S. citizens to immediately evacuate Russia as the war in Ukraine begins to ramp up and concerns of false arrests begin to rise.

It appears that President Biden and the White House know something that they are not telling us.

According to Fox, the U.S. embassy in Moscow has warned, “U.S. citizens residing or traveling in Russia should evacuate immediately and exercise increased caution due to the risk of wrongful detentions.”

What’s even more frightening is they soon released another message simply saying, “Do not travel to Russia.”

The U.S. embassy in Russia later explained that their ability to help Americans currently in Russia has been severely limited due to limitations, travel restrictions and a suspension of consular services.

All Americans who are currently in Russia have been told to find the quickest way out of the country as possible. They have also been warned that American debit and credit cards are no longer accepted in Russia as well.

The embassy also said, “Russian security services have arrested U.S. citizens on spurious charges, singled out U.S. citizens in Russia for detention and harassment, denied them fair and transparent treatment, and convicted them in secret trials or without presenting credible evidence.”

At the moment it is unclear how many Americans are currently in Russian jails and what President Biden will do to have them released.

Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov attempted to downplay the warnings and said, “[Warnings] have been voiced by the State Department many times in the last period, so this is not a new thing.”