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Trump Guilty?

Prosecutors who are tasked with determining if former President Donald Trump’s business the Trump Organization committed tax fraud have now announced in their closing arguments that Trump “knew” he was committed tax fraud when he did it.

According to NBC, the prosecutors are claiming that Trump knowingly created a 15-year scheme to compensate top company executives completely off the record.

Assistant District Attorney Joshua Steinglass told the jury, “Donald Trump is explicitly sanctioning tax fraud. That’s what this document shows. This whole narrative that Donald Trump is blissfully ignorant is just not real.”

In response, Donald Trump’s attorney Michael van der Veen asked the judge for a mistrial.

Van der Veen stated, “We picked a jury … based on the people’s representations that Donald Trump was not on trial.” He then accused the prosecution of making Trump into a “co-conspirator.”

Van der Veen explained that tying Trump’s name to the case at hand was “wholly improper, it is a bias that he put on the jury that can’t be undone.”

Assistant District Attorney Joshua Steinglass fired back saying, “We have religiously avoided politics.”

Adding, “It had nothing to do with the fact he is Donald Trump, but the fact that he is the CEO of the company. If his name was John Doe, there would be no objection here.”

It is currently unclear how all of this will pan out however we will keep you updated.