Do You Think Biden Admin Is Responsible For Pentagon Documents Leak?

GOP Kicks Trump To The Curb

Several Senate Republicans, including leaders and supporters of former President Trump, have expressed the view that Trump should not participate in the Senate primaries of 2024. The aim is to prevent a recurrence of the unsatisfactory midterm elections of the previous year.

According to The Hill, as Trump’s legal issues continue to pile up, they believe that he could be more of a hindrance than an asset in the upcoming Senate races.

On Tuesday, the Manhattan district attorney filed 34 felony charges against the former president in relation to payments made to two women. Furthermore, federal prosecutors and the Fulton County district attorney in Georgia may also bring additional charges against him.

Republican lawmakers and strategists are concerned that Trump’s focus on issues such as election fraud and defunding the Department of Justice will drag down GOP candidates and distract from topics that are more important to voters, such as the economy, inflation, and healthcare.

Moreover, they are anxious that Trump’s endorsements will once again be based more on a candidate’s loyalty to him and his agenda rather than their potential to win in the November elections.

John Thune, the Senate Republican Whip from South Dakota who is currently filling in for Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell as he recovers from a concussion, has stated that it would be more advantageous for Trump to stay out of the picture.

“Sure seems like that would be helpful based on our lack of success in 2022,” he explained.

Even those who are most closely aligned with Trump would prefer to see next year’s Senate races unfold without Trump’s direct involvement.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham stated, “If I were him, I’d focus on his own election, but I doubt if he’ll take that advice.”

Republicans are taking the 2022 midterm elections and pinning all of their failures on Trump. Sadly, they seem to forget that the Republican voter base loves Trump and they may fail even worse in 2024 without him.