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Trump’s Warning To D.C.

Denouncing the deterioration of “Democrat-controlled cities” across the United States, former President Donald Trump pledged to take charge of Washington, D.C., criticizing it as ensnared in a “nightmare of murder and crime.”

During a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, broadcasted live on Newsmax, Trump expressed discontent with the state of Washington, D.C., asserting, “We will assume control of our poorly managed Washington, D.C. It is terribly managed. Have you witnessed it? It’s unkempt, marked with graffiti, and the once-magnificent marble columns, erected 200 or 100 years ago, now defaced with an unprecedented amount of graffiti.”

Trump laid blame on Mayor Muriel Bowser, who has held office since 2015 and famously designated an area of the city as Black Lives Matter Plaza during the 2020 race riots, accusing her of leading the capital into a state of decline.

“The roads are deplorable,” he continued. “Driving on them feels like navigating through garbage. We are committed to cleaning it up, restoring it, and reconstructing our capital so that it no longer serves as a hub for murder and crime.”

Trump underscored recent instances of violence in the nation’s capital, emphasizing the frequency of nightly killings and severe injuries. He lamented the fear that has gripped residents, preventing them from venturing outside.

“People proudly visit Washington; they love their country. However, they come out and are afraid to step outside. It’s a mistake to do so. Our capital has never experienced such conditions,” Trump remarked.

Shifting focus to the issue of homelessness and the emergence of tent cities since his departure from office, Trump acknowledged the need to address homelessness but criticized the current situation.

“When I left, things were different. It was much better. Years ago, it was truly remarkable. I would not permit anyone to park or set up tents on the lawns of our beautiful parks. Now, the parks are filled with tents and homeless individuals,” he stated.

While advocating for assistance to the homeless, Trump emphasized the importance of rebuilding the capital. He concluded, “We are determined to restore our capital. We will make it exceptionally beautiful, aspiring to be the most stunning capital in the world.”