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Trump’s Promise To Help America’s Children

According to a phone interview reported by Just the News, former President Donald Trump attributed the overturning of Roe v. Wade and the strengthened position of pro-life activists in the fight against abortion to his restructuring of the Supreme Court. He further stated that if he were to be reelected, he would prioritize incentivizing adoptions as a means to reduce the number of abortions.

In transcript provided by Newsmax, Trump explained, “I think it’s very important that if I win, and I hope I’m going to win, we’re winning by a lot right now, we’ll be pressing the adoption option.”

As many states led by Republicans are trying to limit the availability of abortions — for example, Florida, where DeSantis signed a law last month that prohibits abortions after six weeks of pregnancy — Trump’s views on the issue in a possible post-Roe scenario were especially significant.

Trump stated that he was against abortion, but he also thought that women who faced exceptional situations, such as being raped or having a child from incest, should have the choice to terminate a pregnancy now that the states have the authority to decide on the matter after the court ruling.

Trump claimed that he was a person who believed that the exceptions were “very important for many reasons. But they are also important from the perspective of an election. … If you don’t have the exceptions, it’s very, very difficult. I think that’s been proven. It’s very, very hard to win an election.”

Trump went on to say, “Now, I don’t say you do it for that. You do it for other reasons, moral reasons. You do it for what you really believe. But it still is a very, very difficult thing to overcome, I would say from the standpoint of an election.”

The ex-president also noted that DeSantis, who gave the main speech at Monday’s NRB convention Monday, could not have implemented his Florida abortion policy if Trump had not appointed three new conservative justices to the Supreme Court during his presidency — a move that was crucial in overturning the old Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion across the U.S.