Do You Approve Of Joe Biden?

Liberal Media Throws Kamala Under The Bus

Everybody knows that President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are terrible leaders. What’s worse is that the only group who was trying to make them look good to the American people was the mainstream media and now it looks like even the media has turned on them.

According to Fox, Biden and Kamala have become so unpopular now that even far-left media outlet MSNBC is calling them out and Kamala Harris has nothing to say for her sub-par performance.

It all began when MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked Kamala, “Dozens of Democratic leaders are saying that they not only don’t think that he’s [Biden] the strongest candidate, you know, considering the larger field that could be possible given his age and other defects, but they don’t think that you’re the right person to be on the ticket. Why do you think that?” 

Kamala who was likely shocked by the question simply replied and said that it was just “political chatter” coming out of Washington D.C.

What’s even more funny is that Mitchell then doubled down on Kamala Harris and asked her if she wants to be the president one day.

“Joe Biden intends– has said he intends to run for reelection as president. And I intend to run with him as vice president of the United States,” Harris replied.

MSNBC also asked Kamala Harris why her and Joe Biden’s popularity was so low. Kamala dodged the question yet again and said, “I will tell you what I see when I’m out on the road. I see people thanking the president.”

Kamala then delivered a word salad once again and said her usual statements saying, “Thanking our administration. I think that what we have to do is focus on what is actually strengthening America and the American people and American families. And when I talk with American families about what they want and what they care about, things like bringing down the cost of health care, bringing down unemployment, doing the work of strengthening and growing America’s work force, including American manufacturing.”