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VIDEO: President Biden Cries To House Speaker

Biden is in a desperate place.

President Joe Biden, visibly crying, expressed a commitment to unity during the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, where he shared a poignant moment with House Speaker Mike Johnson. Acknowledging the intense political differences, Biden emphasized the need to recognize a shared identity and purpose.

Addressing the assembly, the President remarked on the challenging differences that often characterize political discourse. He urged everyone to remember their common humanity, stating, “We have really tough, tough differences. We really go at one another. Remember, let’s remember, who the hell we are.” This sentiment echoed a call for unity amidst the ongoing congressional debates on border security.

In a symbolic display of bipartisan cooperation, Biden and Johnson, representing opposing ideologies, sat side by side in the front row. The two leaders were visibly moved, wiping away tears as renowned Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli sang “Amazing Grace.” Biden took the opportunity to offer prayers for various global issues, including the families of U.S. soldiers killed in a recent drone attack, Israeli hostages in Gaza, and the people of Ukraine.

The President’s message extended beyond the specific political arena, emphasizing a broader call to stand against hate and view fellow citizens not as enemies but as fellow Americans. Biden stressed the importance of looking past differences, advocating for honesty, decency, dignity, and respect.

The event concluded with a symbolic handshake between Biden and Johnson, highlighting their ongoing discussions to find common ground on critical issues such as federal government funding, aid for Ukraine, and U.S.-Mexico border security. The President also took a moment to express his appreciation to Andrea Bocelli for his moving performance, signifying a shared emotional experience among attendees captured on cell phones.

The National Prayer Breakfast, an annual tradition bringing together the President and elected officials for a moment of prayer, served as a platform for this display of bipartisan unity and shared humanity.