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Hillary-Kamala Join Forces For 2024 Run

New polling information has found that failed 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton trails second to Vice President Kamala Harris in a hypothetical 2024 Democratic primary survey that does not include Joe Biden.

It appears that Democrats are trying analyze who could step in and take Biden’s place if he chooses to step down in 2024.

According to The Hill, out of 2,194 people who were polled, V.P. Kamala Harris came in first with 32% support for replacing President Biden and Hillary Clinton came in second with 20% support.

Democrats Pete Buttigieg, Gavin Newsom and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came in third fourth and fifth.

Within the next few weeks, President Biden is expected to officially launch his reelection campaign and there is a chance that he comes out and announces that he will not run.

What’s even more interesting is that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has a lot of inside information about President Biden, has said that she does not think any Democrat will challenge Biden if he announces a 2024 run for the White House.

“I hope he runs. I’m for him if he runs. I know that the Democrats will fully embrace him. If he runs, it’s over,” Pelosi explained.