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VIDEO: Biden’s Son Runs Away From Cameras

During the House Oversight Committee session on Wednesday, Hunter Biden made an appearance but ended up running away once Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was granted the opportunity to address him.

House Republicans have long been investigating Hunter Biden’s alleged involvement in questionable financial transactions. They claim that both Joe Biden and Hunter have benefited from overseas dealings, particularly with individuals from countries like Ukraine and China. Hunter has consistently dismissed these allegations as “baseless.”

The House Republicans sought to hold Hunter in contempt for failing to comply with a congressional subpoena last month, relating to the aforementioned allegations that he has deemed unfounded. The Oversight and Judiciary committees convened to vote on recommending contempt charges to the entire House. If approved, the Department of Justice would then have the authority to decide whether Hunter should face prosecution.

During the committee session, Chairman James Comer provided an opportunity for Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to question Hunter. However, a video reveals that Hunter promptly signaled his attorney, Abbe Lowell, to leave the chamber along with other legal defense staff.

In response to Hunter’s departure, Representative Greene commented, “Excuse me, Hunter. Apparently, you’re afraid of my words.” She later expressed her frustration on X, formerly Twitter, stating, “Hunter Biden just walked into our Oversight hearing to hold him in contempt… Hunter can’t follow the law!”

In anticipation of the proceedings, House Oversight Chairman James Comer and House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan issued a joint statement on Friday, asserting that their investigation has uncovered substantial evidence suggesting President Biden’s awareness of, involvement in, and benefit from his family capitalizing on the Biden name.