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Biden Throwing Party For WHAT?

In response to rising discontent among White House administration staff regarding its Israel policy, an upcoming “morale booster” party is shockingly being organized. Jeff Zients, President Biden’s chief of staff, who is a millionaire, is set to host the event off-campus for hundreds of staffers. The celebration aims to acknowledge their contributions over the past three years and boost morale as the Biden administration faces potential challenges in the upcoming year. What a joke.

The decision to hold the party follows the resignation of a senior Biden education official in protest of the administration’s stance on the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Additionally, a letter from anonymous Biden campaign staffers expressing dissatisfaction with the administration’s approach to the war has surfaced.

The invitation for the party was sent via email to staffers, specifying that it would take place at a private venue in Northern Virginia later in the month. Jeff Zients emphasized that the invitation is non-transferrable and does not include a guest to accommodate as many staff members as possible.

While the event is intended for official staff rather than campaign workers, the continued criticism of Biden’s Israel policy indicates that dissent within the administration has grown since November. Notably, a senior official in the Education Department resigned, citing the administration’s perceived indifference to the suffering of innocent Palestinian lives.

In a parallel development, 17 Biden campaign staffers penned a letter echoing concerns about the administration’s response to the conflict, arguing that the deaths of Palestinians cannot be justified. They urged President Biden to publicly call for a cessation of violence, emphasizing that the administration’s actions contradicted the values that both the Democratic Party and the country uphold. In November, 400 government officials from various departments and agencies within the administration had previously signed a letter opposing the president’s handling of the war and calling for a cease-fire. Additionally, a leaked internal State Department memo revealed staffers urging a change in the administration’s public stance on Israel and endorsing a cease-fire.