Was America Great When Trump Was President?

VIDEO: Karma Kicks Biden Down With A Vengeance

President Joe Biden’s recent descent down the stairs of Air Force One drew attention as he encountered an awkward moment, momentarily losing his footing. This incident occurred shortly after White House staff mocked an Axios report regarding a “don’t trip” covert operation aimed at preempting any potential campaign missteps.

According to Newsmax, video footage from C-SPAN captured the President regaining his balance by gripping the stair railing with his right hand when his right foot momentarily slipped. This near-miss incident coincided with White House officials poking fun at Axios’ report, likening it to the exaggerated uproar that once surrounded former President Barack Obama’s choice of a tan suit.

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates, in a post on Tuesday, shared a CBS News report on the growing trend of sneakers being worn in professional settings, quipping, “Move over, tan suit! Can confirm: @POTUS is one of the millions of Americans with sneakers. Notice that when others do the same, the media’s tone is different? As sneakers take over the workplace, the fashion phenomenon is making its way to Congress.”

White House Communications Director Ben LaBolt joined in on the mockery saying, “The single greatest scandal in presidential history (since President Obama wore a tan suit),” on the same day.

However, it’s worth noting that President Biden was not wearing sneakers during his descent from Air Force One; instead, it appeared to be hiking boots, as reported by the Daily Mail. Concerns among Biden’s staff and campaign team about his balance, occasional confusion, and a somewhat stiffened gait have led them to encourage him to opt for sneakers as a precaution against falls and the potential negative headlines about his age and fitness for office.

This watchful scrutiny over the President’s well-being is reminiscent of the strategy critics previously attributed to former President Donald Trump, who aimed to keep Biden on the campaign trail rather than confined to his basement during the 2020 pandemic, according to Axios. Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s White House physician, has recommended exercises to enhance the President’s balance and overall fitness, given the challenges posed by the 80-year-old’s combination of significant spinal arthritis and mild post-fracture foot arthritis, as revealed in publicly available medical records.