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BREAKING VIDEO: Biden’s Border Collapses

Americans are calling for the immediate resignation of Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, citing his mishandling of the border crisis. This comes after a catastrophic incident on Sunday, in which a group of over 1,000 migrants surged an entry point in El Paso, Texas.

During an interview on Fox on Monday, Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County, Ohio expressed his concern that America is currently “losing the battle” with regards to the crisis at the southern border. Jones arrived at this conclusion after personally visiting the border and observing the situation firsthand.

Jones condemned President Biden and the Democrats saying, “There are places on the border where there’s not even any security. I’m asking for [Mayorkas] to resign immediately. He doesn’t tell the truth. If you don’t think our country is in crisis and all you got to do is see a thousand people rush the border, and they come across. They used to come across in the dark. Now they come across in the daylight.”

According to sources at the border, attempts by migrants of various ages to cross the Paso Del Norte bridge linking Mexico and the U.S. were captured on video. The footage showed individuals pressing towards the fenced border, with some using hand gestures to urge others to keep moving forward. However, despite their efforts, the border sources reported that these attempts were ultimately unsuccessful.

Sheriff Jones cautioned that the United States is currently facing a crisis, as he believes the country is being “invaded.”

President Biden and his administration is doing nothing as the southern border practically collapses in front of their eyes. The border has never been this bad and border patrol cannot do their job.

Jones warned, “Our military needs to be involved and go into Mexico. We need to defend our country right now. And if that means the military has to go into Mexico, we should look at that. And we’ve got to stop this. 100,000 people die of fentanyl poisoning in the United States every single year. And that number is going up.”