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Biden Hiding From Mainstream Media

In a strange turn of events, President Biden is now refusing to sit down for the traditional pre-Super Bowl interview with Fox News.

According to The Hill, before every Super Bowl the President of the United States typically gives an interview and President Biden has already held an interview for two years straight since he has been in office.

Biden has held a Super Bowl interview with both CBS and NBC however Biden is refusing to interview with Fox for some strange reason.

When pressed about why Biden is refusing to interview with Fox, Biden’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre simply wrote, “The President was looking forward to an interview with Fox Soul to discuss the Super Bowl, the State of the Union, and critical issues impacting the everyday lives of Black Americans. We’ve been informed that Fox Corp has asked for the interview to be cancelled.”

Jean-Pierre’s strange explanation comes immediately after Fox News anchors said that they were waiting to hear an answer back from Biden if he will do the interview.

Fox’s Bret Baier stated, “The president is going to be out on the road, taking his message to the road. Every year, traditionally, the network covering the Super Bowl gets an interview with the president of the United States. We have formally asked for that interview, but we have not received an answer yet, whether they are going to officially do it or not … we’re running out of days.”

Jean-Pierre has been asked repeatedly why Biden is refusing to interview with Fox however she is not giving and details about the true reason why.

Many Americans are now wondering why Biden is hiding from the mainstream media.