This is so sad.

Hollywood star and American icon Betty White was loved by everyone in America. She had a marvelous and long career where she entertained people across the world with her captivating personality.

Tragedy recently struck however after White passed away at the age of 99 just a few days before her 100th birthday. Law enforcement reported that White passed away from natural causes and she did a source close to her said she did not suffer from any ailments or diseases.

What is saddening about all of this is White’s final message to fans and followers which left many sobbing and heartbroken.

According to the NYPost, White took to Twitter and wrote, “My 100th birthday… I cannot believe it is coming up and People Magazine is celebrating with me! The new issue of People is available on newsstands nationwide tomorrow.

In the People Magazine piece she also shared “her secrets to longevity” and joked about “avoiding anything green” which was hilarious.

White also held the record for the longest TV career of any entertainer and made her debut in 1939.

America will forever miss Betty White and all of the laughter and joy she brought to families throughout her decades long career in Hollywood and TV.