As we head into winter it could be helpful to know these tips!

As we head into colder weather, it is important that everyone knows how to adequately prepare themselves in case of an emergency situation.

For some, it could mean life of death and the last thing we want to happen is be placed in situation like that.

Here are some tips, thanks to Off Grid Survival, to follow in case you find yourself stuck in life threatening cold weather:

First, the most important thing to remember when you find yourself in the cold weather is that you need to figure out how to properly insulate yourself from the outside weather.

If you happen to be in a wilderness environment, remember to use things like, fibrous plants, grass, pine needles, leaves, wood, and even snow by creating a think layer of it to shelter yourself from the cold air outside. For generations people have successfully used igloo’s to survive in extremely cold weather and it still works today.

Using those materials, remember to build a thick layer of multiple materials to insulate yourself from the outside cold air. It’s also important to place a layer of materials on the cold ground to avoid bodily contact when sitting or sleeping inside your new shelter.

You can also place dried leaves, fibrous materials, and even cattail under your clothes for even more insulation.

If the power goes out and you are home, remember that it is much easier to insulate a small room instead of the entire house. If the weather gets cold enough it would be wise to insulate a small room such as a closet and try to stay warm inside of that. You can use blankets, towels, mattresses, and even couch cushions to create more insulation.