Should Voter ID Be Mandatory In All Elections?

Biden Calls Obama To Save Him

President Biden knows the Democrats are doomed heading into the midterms. Now Biden is calling on former President Barack Obama to appear with him at a rally in Philadelphia to help Democrat John Fetterman win.

According to The Hill, President Biden and Barack Obama will campaign together to give Fetterman and gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro the edge over their Republican opponents.

It’s pathetic that the Democrats have to bring out Barack Obama to help Joe Biden do his job.

President Biden has desperately visited Philadelphia a number of times, once even with Kamala Harris, and little has helped change the polling data. The President is now hoping that having Barack Obama make an appearance will change something.

It’s important for conservatives to remember that Pennsylvania is a key state for Democrats to control the Senate.

The most important states heading into the midterms are Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan. Conservatives in these states should make it their priority to vote in these 4 states if they hope to flip the House and Senate.