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Maricopa County Voting Disaster

In a strange turn of events, election officials from none other than Maricopa County, Arizona, have just reported issues with tabulating votes cast at certain polling locations across the county.

According to Newsmax, Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates released a video on the day of the election to explain what happened. Gates and others said that 20% of polling locations were affected by the issue and their ballots will be counted after they are transported to a “central location.”

Maricopa county recorder Stephen Richer said, “We’ve had a few tabulator issues at a couple locations where the tabulator isn’t immediately taking the ballot. Instead it can either be central count tabulated here, or if that issue can be addressed there, then it can be fed into the tabulator – or voters can go to any of the other 221 voting locations.”

As you may already know, Maricopa County has been the center of many election issues over the last few years and the last thing voters want to hear is issues coming from those areas.

In 2020 Maricopa County became a hotbed of controversy regarding the loss of then President Donald Trump.