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VIDEO: Pence Puts Biden In His Place

Donald Trump’s former Vice President Mike Pence sounded the alarm and finally confessed that the Justice Department’s decision to appoint a new special counsel to investigate Trump was “very troubling.”

According to Fox, President Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland recent announced that they would form a new special counsel to investigate Trump on 2 fronts: The Mar-a-Lago raid and the Jan 6th Capitol riot.

Pence lashed out at Biden’s DOJ and claimed that the department was being politicized.

Pence condemned Biden and the DOJ and said, “The appointment of a special counsel is very troubling. No one is above the law, but I am not sure it’s against the law to take bad advice from your lawyers.”

Pence blamed the “years of politicization at the Justice Department” for the new decision including when they investigated Trump for the Trump-Russia rumors.

“There have been disclosed FBI agents falsifying documents, the FBI using a Clinton campaign-funded opposition research document to support two and a half years of the Russia hoax,” Pence explained.