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DOJ Prepares To Indict Trump

It was obvious from the beginning that Democrats wanted to destroy former President Donald Trump and they might have just cooked up everything they needed.

According to Raw Story, former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade appeared on MSNBC and explained how President Biden’s Department of Justice was quietly working on prosecuting former President Donald Trump for espionage!

Biden’s DOJ is trying to claim that the classified documents which were found in Trump’s home related to acts of espionage.

McQuade explained, “There are two questions that prosecutors ask themselves when deciding whether to bring charges. The first is: can we charge? That is, is there sufficient evidence to prove the case? That’s the first question, but then there’s that second question: should we bring a case? That’s when the government looks to whether or not there’s a federal — substantial evidence to bring a case.”

She added, “We want to have uniformity in the kind of cases you prosecute. In cases involving the mishandling of classified documents, typically prosecutors look for some aggravating factor beyond just mishandling. If you innocently bring home a document in your briefcase, typically that is not prosecuted. you might be disciplined. you might lose your clearance you might lose your job, but probably not be criminally prosecuted.”

She added, “It’s some of those factors that she mentioned in the Hawaii case and others, whether the person acted willfully, that is they knew they were violating the law. Whether they were disloyal to the United States, sold them to a foreign government for example, or whether they obstructed justice.”

So basically, President Biden’s Department of Justice is trying to figure out how they will justify to the court that Donald Trump was secretly working to against the United States. If this doesn’t look like a witch hunt to you then nothing will.