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VIDEO: Biden Hits Rock Bottom

Once President Biden is out of office, they should break down all of his speeches and rank them to found out which one was his most embarrassing.

President Biden recently gave a speech that was so bad there are simply too many issues to point out.

According to Newsweek, while campaigning for Democrats in Florida, President Biden made repeated errors but somehow managed pushed through his speech as best as he could.

One of the first errors President Biden made which we already reported on was him falsely claiming that his son passed away in Iraq when in reality he fell victim to brain cancer.

Biden also referred to Florida Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as “Senator” and he even went as far as saying that he had spoken with the people who invented insulin.

Biden claimed that he had spoken to James Collip and Charles Best the men responsible for making insulin however the dates don’t match up.

Collip passed in 1948 and Best in 1978. President Biden became a senator 5 years after Best passed away so how would he have spoken to either of the two men?


Biden also completely lost track of his words and said several confusing statements about inflation.

Biden said, “That’s what I call inflation. The end of the month. What you have left. You have no money. That’s inflation. What’s, what do you, the things you need. Are they going up? They are. They are.”


Biden’s health only appears to be getting worse. How many more speeches as the Democrats going to allow to give?