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Cheney Laughs At Republican Loss

Republican traitor Liz Cheney who is hell-bent on burning the Republican Party to the ground just trolled Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake after it was learned that she is projected to lose.

According to The Hill, Liz Cheney quoted a tweet posted by Kari Lake late last month which thanked Cheney for her “anti-endorsement.”

Cheney responded to Lake’s tweet by saying “You’re welcome, @KariLake”.

In her initial letter to Cheney, Lake explained that donations to her campaign skyrocketed and her website crashed because of it.  

Lake wrote, “Thank you again for the huge boost to our campaign! Enjoy your forced retirement from politics. I know America will rest easier knowing that one more warmonger is out of office.” 


Liz Cheney has made it her life’s mission to do everything in her power to destroy the Republican Party because they voted her out. From here on she will work closely with Democrats to make sure Republicans no longer have a voice in politics.