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Trump Lawyer Goes After DeSantis

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyer did something that most people were surprised to see and actually sent Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a public message which urged him to remain in Florida and not run for the presidency in 2024.

According to The Hill, Trump attorney Alina Habba told DeSantis, “DeSantis is DeSantis because of Trump.”

She then added, “He needs to stay in Florida.”

As of right now it is highly speculated that Ron DeSantis will face off against Trump to gain the 2024 presidential nomination.

DeSantis’ decision to run would put the two most popular Republicans in America against each other and it would divide the Republican voter base in a very unique way.

Trump is also expected to announce his 2024 very soon however the exact date is not known as of yet.

Habba later said, “Don’t jump the gun. He’s not ready yet.”