Should Jan 6 Committee Be Shut Down By House GOP?

DOJ Announces New Special Counsel, Trump Charged?

President Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland just shocked the world and announced a new special counsel tasked with investigating former President Donald Trump and the documents which were recovered from Mar-a-Lago by the FBI.

Garland decided to launch a special counsel just 3 days after Trump announced his 2024 run. Something smells fishy.

Will Liz Cheney be on this counsel too?

According to Fox, Garland appointed former Justice Department official Jack Smith to lead the counsel. This new special counsel will be tasked with determining if Trump broke the law and obstructed justice when he removed hundreds of documents from the White House.

Garland held a press conference to discuss his decision to appoint another special counsel aimed at taking down Trump and suggest that “it was in the Public Interest to appoint a special counsel”.

This is the third time Democrats have appointed a special counsel to oversee the actions of Donald Trump and frankly Americans are sick of it. Why has no other Democrat in America history ever been as aggressively prosecuted as Trump has?