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McCarthy Loses House Speaker Role

In a shocking turn of events, Republican Rep. Andy Biggs is now claiming that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy will not become the next House speaker because he won’t be able to get the votes he needs.

According to Newsmax, Biggs, who is also trying to become the House Speaker, explained, “It just takes three members of the Republican conference to say no to Kevin. To get there, you need 218. That’s kind of the magic number. I don’t think he’s going to get the 218.”

Biggs then urged the Republican party to select a candidate who will “decentralize authority and power away from leadership and put it back into the committee process.”

Biggs said that if McCarthy is in charge that will not happen.

“We offered him up some rules that we thought would be interesting, literally a couple of months ago,” Biggs added.

Some of the changes included having a “majority of the majority” to bring a bill to the floor.

Biggs explained, “The committee process would be strengthened, reinvigorated. You would allow members to have a say in determining who their leadership was, even in the committees.”