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PROOF: Cheney Obsessed With Trump

As you already know, Republican traitor Liz Cheney has made it her life’s mission to destroy former President Donald Trump by any means necessary.

Now Cheney’s obsession with Trump has become a major problem for Democrats who are on the January 6th Committee. Things have gotten so bad that Democrat Adam Schiff, who also hates Trump with a passion, is rushing to Cheney’s defense.

According to The Hill, The Washington Post recently released a report citing 15 anonymous Democrat staffers who are working with the Jan 6 Panel. These 15 anonymous sources have claimed that they are sick of Cheney because she can’t stop focusing on Trump instead of the actual investigation.

They explained that much of the members in the Jan 6 Committee would like to focus on other issues that happened during the riot such as security and intelligence failures that caused the riot to happen. Instead Cheney wants to only focus on Donald Trump.

When Democrat Adam Schiff was asked if this report from the Washington Post was actually true he defended Cheney and said, “No, I mean at least I certainly hope not.”

Schiff then added, “I would like to see a report be as broad and inclusive as possible. We are discussing as a committee among the members, what belongs in the body of the report, what belongs in the appendices of the report, what is beyond the scope of our investigation. And we’ll reach those decisions in a collaborative manner.”

Now not only are Democrats calling conservative mainstream media liars but they are also calling liberal media such as the Washington Post liars as well. Some of these Democrats such as Schiff and Cheney really hate Trump with a passion.