Are Democrats Too Soft On Crime?

VIDEO: Trump Mocks Bitter Biden

Former President Donald Trump who continues to call out President Biden’s administration for destroying the United States with their poor and misguided leadership doubled down on Biden again.

According to Newsmax, Trump unloaded on Biden by calling him a very “angry” president as inflation skyrockets, the economy collapses and a red wave prepares to wipeout the midterms.

Trump blasted President Biden and the Democrats and said, “I watched Biden two days ago in a fit of rage, the anger; he’s so angry.”

 Trump then imitated Biden and said, “‘We’ve got to stop MAGA, called it mega MAGA, ultra MAGA, MAGA king: I’m the MAGA king, he said. I’m the MAGA king … it was a very good compliment.”

Trump also condemned Biden for using the Justice Department against him and for political gain.

Trump mimicked Biden and said, “We’ve got to stop the MAGA king; we’re going to stop the MAGA king: Get the FBI loaded up, get the Justice Department loaded. For six years, I’ve been going through this stuff.”

Trump also talked about rising tensions between the Biden administration and Russia and said, “We could end up in a nuclear war the way they’re handling things right now, with Russia every day mentioning the nuclear word now.”