Should Democrats Finish The Border Wall?

Why The Judge Ordered A Baby Sitter For Trump

What a crooked world we live in.

A judge in New York has just ordered former President Donald Trump to be forced into having an “independent monitor” to look over all of business operations of the Trump Organization.

According to Salon, prosecutors are concerned that the Trump Organization will shift accountability by transferring financial assets out of the state of New York if Trump’s business isn’t monitored.

New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron, who has been annoying Trump every chance he gets, now says he will appoint a special monitor after New York Attorney General Letitia James asked for it.

In a new statement Judge Engoron said, “This court finds that the appointment of an independent monitor is the most prudent and narrowly tailored mechanism to ensure there is no further fraud or illegality … pending the final disposition of this action. If the monitor reasonably determines that defendants have violated this order, the monitor shall immediately report that matter to [Office of the Attorney General], defendants, and this Court.”

What’s even worse about all of this is that Trump will have to pay for “independent monitor” out of his own pocket.

These Democrats are coming for everything they can to destroy Trump and it’s absolutely disgusting.

Trump responded to the ruling by saying, “A puppet judge of the New York Attorney General and other sworn enemies of President Trump and the Republican Party has just issued a ruling never before seen anywhere in America. It is Communism come to our shores.”

Trump then added, “Businesses will be fleeing New York, which they already are, for other states and countries. Today’s ridiculous ruling by a politically-motivated, hand-picked judge makes it even more vital for courts in both New York and Florida to do the right thing and stop this inquisition.”