Conservative Media Calls Trump A RINO, Do You Agree?

Proof: Biden and Dems Have Divided America

President Biden and the Democrats are pushing insane “woke” ideologies that they do not believe themselves. They are also actively keeping those same woke ideologies out of their personal lives and households however are pushing it on American people.

A perfect example of this is how recently a statue of Abraham Lincoln was ruthlessly vandalized in Chicago by a person who has been listening to the Democrats’ insane ideologies.

According to Newsweek, Abraham Lincoln’s statue had red paint thrown on it in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood. The liberal vandals wrote insane words like “COLONIZER,” “LAND BACK!” and “Dakota 38” around the statue.

Things have actually gotten so bad that historian Harold Holzer explained, “With increasing frequency, we have tragically seen vandalism directed against Lincoln statues, particularly in the Midwest.”

“Dakota 38” which was written on Lincoln’s statue referenced the 38 Native Americans who were killed under Lincoln’s presidency. What the vandals didn’t realize is that more than 200 Native people were pardoned by Abraham Lincoln himself.

Lincoln is also known as “The Great Emancipator” for ending slavery however with the rhetoric being pushed by President Biden and the Democrats even a great man like Abraham Lincoln has now become nothing more than an old racist leader to these liberal voters.

If Democrats were looking to divide the United States, it looks like they have already achieved their mission.