All Pelosi can do is stir up political drama.

During an appearance on ABC, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stirred up more drama and claimed that the House will not begin discussing a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal unless the Senate passes a $3.5 trillion partisan plan through budget reconciliation.

According to Breitbart, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked Speaker Pelosi, “Senator Portman is also one of the negotiators around this proposed bipartisan  infrastructure deal. They expect a deal this week. Are you sticking by your decision to hold any vote on that deal until the Senate passes a much larger infrastructure package through reconciliation?”

Pelosi replied, “Yes. Let me just say as I respond to you. I hope they pass the bipartisan legislation. Infrastructure has always been bipartisan for all the years I have been in Congress.”

Adding, “I’m enthusiastic about the fact that they’ll have a bipartisan bill. I hope it will be soon. Yes, I stand by. The fact is that the president has said that he wants to have a bipartisan bill, and we all do. But that is not the limitation of the vision of the president. He wants to build back better. He wants to do so in a way that, again, involves many more people in the prosperity of our country. We say build back better with women well that’s why we need child care, that’s why we need home health care funding, that’s why we need family and medical leave. So, building the human infrastructure is really a part of building the physical infrastructure. That’s why we will have something further to add. I won’t put it on the floor until we have the rest of the initiative.”

Image credit: WJHL