This could be a bad idea heading into an election.

New Jersey GOP gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli has a long history of not being very fond of former President Donald Trump. He once referred to Trump as a “charlatan” and is now facing off against Democrat incumbent Gov. Phil Murphy.

Ciattarelli raised eyebrows once again after he said he did not need an endorsement from Trump heading into the November New Jersey gubernatorial election.

According to Newsmax, Ciattarelli, who hasn’t spoken badly of Trump recently, did say he wanted Trump out of his race for Governor. “If you watch my campaign really closely, I’m not into endorsements,” Ciattarelli said.

He then said, “I’m not into other people campaigning for me. People see right through those kind of things. I go out and meet and greet with the people of New Jersey every day of the week.”

While Ciattarelli has once referred to Trump as a “fraud” he did approve the “successes” Trump found in the White House.

Ciattarelli has made a very bold decision turning down Trump’s support. In the past Republicans have had great success from getting Trump’s endorsement.