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Democrats Attempt To Cancel God

In what finally appears to be a sign of good news, the Texas Senate has passed a bill mandating that the Ten Commandments be prominently exhibited in every public school classroom within the state and Democrats are very unhappy about this.

According to the Texas Tribune, Texas Republicans are making yet another attempt to introduce religion into the classroom, as the bill has been sent to the state House.

A bill was introduced by Republican state Sen. Bryan Hughes two years ago that became a law, requiring schools to display donated signs stating “In God We Trust”.

The commandments bill mandates that each public school classroom must exhibit a framed copy or a durable poster of the Ten Commandments in a noticeable location.

Additionally, the bill mandates that the copy of the Ten Commandments displayed in each public school classroom must be a minimum size of 16 inches in width and 20 inches in height.

Should the bill be approved by the House, it will come into effect in the following school year.

During a hearing in early April, GOP State Sen. Phil King, who introduced the bill, stated that it would serve as a reminder to students across Texas of the fundamental foundation of America.

According to The Texas Tribune, the Senate has granted final approval to a bill proposed by Republican state Sen. Mayes Middleton, which would authorize all public or charter schools to establish a policy mandating that each campus allows time for students and employees to read religious texts, such as the Bible, and engage in prayer.

According to GOP Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, “Bringing the Ten Commandments and prayer back to our public schools will enable our students to become better Texans,” as he believes that changing the culture of mankind is necessary to change the culture of the country.