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Senate Republicans Cancel Trump

Former President Donald Trump recently announced his 2024 run for the presidency. Sadly however, only one Republican in the Senate has openly supported Trump for the presidency since he announced.

According to The Hill, Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville is the only Senate Republican that has told reporters that he endorses Trump for the presidency in 2024.

As of right now the rest of the Senate Republicans have decided to hold back on endorsing anyone.

What’s even worse is that Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who is Donald Trump’s closest ally, still hasn’t officially endorsed him either.

It appears that the overall majority of GOP Senators are staying neutral which tells Trump that he is going to have to work extra hard to win them back over if he wants a chance to win again in 2024.

Some Republicans such as Senator Mitt Romney have come out and condemned Trump completely and said that he is not fit to run again in 2024. Romney even has gone as far as saying nearly the entire Senate Republican conference doesn’t want him again.