The US has been in Afghanistan since after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Last year, then-President Trump negotiated with the Taliban to withdraw all US troops by May. The expectation being the Taliban wouldn’t let terror groups in the country. President Biden said ‘we need more time’ and ultimately made plans to pack up by the end of the month. But since forces began withdrawing in May, the terror group has been sweeping the country, toppling at least 25 provincial capitals. That includes Kandahar (the country’s second-largest city). There’ve been reports the group paid off Afghan officials to abandon their posts. Thousands fleeing the country have made their way to Kabul – thought to be a safe place with the western presence and embassies. But things got worse.

Twenty years ago, the Taliban ruled Afghanistan. Soon, it’s expected to declare the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. After tens of thousands of lives lost and an estimated $2 trillion, America’s longest war has ended.