Should McConnell Be Kicked Out For Losing Senate To Democrats?

VIDEO: Pelosi Cancels Retirement

In a shocking turn of events, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi REFUSED to answer whether or not she will seek reelection as the next House leader however she did say,  “I don’t have any plans to step away from Congress.”

It looks like Pelosi is going to take another shot at taking America for everything it’s worth.

According to Yahoo, Pelosi’s strange comments came during an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

It all happened when Stephanopolous asked Pelosi, “Finally, Madam Speaker, if you do decide to step away from Congress, how do you want your Speakerships to be remembered?”

Pelosi shockingly responded, Well, I don’t have any plans to step away from Congress.  I don’t – you asked me about running for Leadership.  No, I mean, these votes are very close, though.”

“Right now I’m not making any comments until this election is finished, and we have a little more time to go. I wish it [the counting] was faster,” she added.