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Court Deals Massive Blow To Biden

The 8th Circuit US Appeals Court has just dealt another blow to President Biden and has temporarily blocked his student loan forgiveness program.

According to NBC, the court made its decision to pause Biden’s debt forgiveness plan to take into consideration appeals made by six Republican states who recently had their lawsuit dismissed by a federal judge.

The court has prohibited President Biden from sending out any student loan debt until the court makes a final decision.

After the court dealt the major blow to the Biden administration, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told student loan debt holders that they can still submit applications to have their debts forgiven.

Jean-Pierre said, “It is also important to note that the order does not reverse the trial court’s dismissal of the case, or suggest that the case has merit. It merely prevents debt from being discharged until the court makes a decision. We will continue to move full speed ahead in our preparations in compliance with this order. And, the Administration will continue to fight Republican officials suing to block our efforts to provide relief to working families.”