Should Early Voting Be Banned In Future Elections?

GOP Treats Trump Like A Criminal

New reports are new emerging that former President Donald Trump is actually furious over the fact that Republican leaders are now pushing him away GOP candidate Herschel Walker who is facing off against Democrat Raphael Warnock in a runoff election.

According to Business Insider, two inside sources have learned that top GOP figures and Trump allies alike are now urging Trump to not hold a rally to help Walker win his race against Warnock.

Trump is also upset over the fact that Republicans may soon ask Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to come to Georgia to help Walker campaign as well because DeSantis could be Trump’s biggest 2024 rival.

Top Republicans such as Senator Mitch McConnell are pointing the finger at Trump and are blaming him for a midterm election that didn’t result in a red wave.

What some of these Republicans such as Mitch McConnell seem to forget is that Trump made the Republican party what it is today. A very large majority of Americans who voted for Donald Trump in the past still stand in solidarity with Trump.