Biden Wants To Destroy Trump's Border Wall, Should He?

Obama Calls This Republican A Con Artist

As you know, former President Barack Obama travelled down to Pennsylvania to help Democrat Candidate John Fetterman defeat his Republican Challenger Oz Mehmet.

Obama urged the American people to respect “the basic spirit of our democracy” and vote for Fetterman. What’s even worse than that is that Obama took the time out during his speech to smear Oz Mehmet in a truly disgusting way.

According to Axios, Obama condemned Mehmet and said, “John’s opponent, he has answers. They’re just the wrong ones.”

Obama then crossed the line and referred to Mehmet as a con artist who went from peddling “snake oil” to then selling it when he ran for office.

Obama outrageously stated, “It’s easy to joke about Dr. Oz and all these quack remedies he’s pushed on TV, but it matters. It says something about his character. If somebody’s willing to peddle snake oil to make a buck, then he’s probably willing to sell snake oil to get elected.”

Former President Barack Obama is very good control Democratic voters and now he’s using the same manipulative tactics he used to become president to help the Democrats win the midterms.

Hopefully this time the American voters don’t fall for his lies.