Is Biden Too Old To Run Again in 2024?

DeSantis’ 2024 Plan Revealed

A new report published by Politico is claiming that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is patiently sitting back and waiting for Former President Donald Trump to “punch himself out” of the 2024 race before he runs.

According to the Huffington Post, DeSantis has not yet declared his 2024 run but it is widely speculated that he will.

Now the liberal mainstream is claiming is that DeSantis is waiting for Trump to burn himself out before he runs to avoid having to going to war with him for the GOP nomination.

A Republican consultant even went as far as telling Politico that Trump’s 2024 announcement to run is “fairly irrelevant” to DeSantis who is currently running Florida.

Another Republican consultant explained that DeSantis “has the opportunity to spend the next several months governing while Trump has to try and convince people he still has the ability and faculties to govern effectively.”

“DeSantis controls his time frame right now, so it’s almost like he gets to watch Trump punch himself out,” he added.

It’s important to remember this is all speculation made the mainstream media and Republican strategists. DeSantis could start criticizing Trump gearing up toward the 2024 election at any time.