Should Biden and Kamala Be Impeached?

PROOF: Trump Controls The GOP

As you know the midterms are just around the corner and the 2024 presidential election is not that far away.

Countless news stories have speculated on who the Republican nominee for 2024 will be with names like Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbot, Mike Pence and more being thrown around every day. However, the Republican voter base only has one name in mind: Donald Trump.

According to the Washington Examiner, Republicans are totally opposed to anyone other than Donald Trump being 2024 Republican nominee and its overwhelming.

During Trump’s recent Save America rally in Texas hundreds of Republican voters said that they wanted no other conservative politician besides Donald Trump in 2024.

Conservative voters said that want Trump more than anyone else including Texas’s governor Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis is has become very popular.

One voter from Oklahoma even said, “He better run or he will let my heart down and a lot of other Americans’ hearts down if he don’t run. I don’t care who goes against Trump. If they’re against Trump, they’re against me.”

He pointed to the economy and said, “Inflation, I mean hell, get the economy back running. The middle class is now becoming the poorer, you know, the lower, bottom class.”


Another man said something similar and explained, “We need Trump. The rest of the world is afraid of Trump, and he is someone who’s got the strength and we need to get our country back. We’re lost.”

Hundreds of Republican voters have said that they want Trump and no other Republican.