This is insane.

Attorney General Merrick Garland stated that the Department of Justice is taking new actions on monitoring police departments to make sure that they are up to par with DOJ standards. He added that this measure will help gain back the communities trust in the force.

Garland added that the goal is to improve the “efficiency and efficacy” of the police while also having a “sustained and meaningful community engagement.” He added that one of the measures that will be taken is to have mandatory court hearings every 5 years to see is police departments meet standards.

“Those investigations and the resulting settlements have led to significant improvements in police departments across the country. That, in turn, increases community trust, which is essential to making your difficult jobs safer and more effective,” Garland said. “It is also no secret that the monitorships associated with some of those settlements have led to frustrations and concerns within the law enforcement community.”

“To the extent that full compliance has not yet been achieved, departments will be invited to ask a court for partial termination and to use the hearing as an opportunity to make a plan for getting over the finish line,” Garland said.