This is a disaster.

During a recent interview with Fox News, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA)  chewed out President Joe Biden for his new plan to spend over $2 billion to stop construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

According to Breitbart, Kennedy stated, “I don’t think the Biden administration has ever told the truth about the border. I read the article about President Biden’s decision to pay the contractors $2 billion not to build a wall, not to finish the wall, and here is my conclusion about that: What do you call a genius in President Biden’s Homeland Security Department? A visitor.”

Adding, “What he’s doing is a crime against nature and intelligence, for two reasons. Number one, it’s an obscene waste of taxpayer money. Senate Republicans are scrambling right now to pass an infrastructure bill that’s paid for. We could use this $2 billion that he is wasting. That would overlay about 1,600 miles of four-lane highways. Number two, border walls, in terms of border security, are a fat guy layup. There’s a reason that Saudi Arabia has a 500-mile border wall with Iraq.”

Image credit: Business Insider